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For individuals testing by themselves in their own homes


For employers, housing facilities, payers, providers, and government.

Accurate COVID-19 Antibody & PCR tests in UK, London

Reliable and accurate COVID-19 testing is now just a click away!


PCR Test

A polymerase chain reaction or PCR test is one of the simplest and most successful tests for Covid-19 testing.


Antigen Test

Our COVID-19 Rapid
Antigen Test is Fast and reliable. Suitable for screening at home and workplace.


IgG / IgM Antibody Test

This test determines the antibody response to a recent COVID infection you may have had.


Fit to Fly Certificate

Fit to fly certificate is a certificate issued to attest a person’s fitness to fly.

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We are a certified laboratory that follows all safety guidelines

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Ayadurai Srisatkunam
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Thank you very much for your care pre operations. So many calls so many questions to make sure everything is going on right directions. Wonderful thanks for their dedicated service.
Faisal Maqsood
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Competitive price for PCR fit to fly and fast turnaround as promised. Would recommend.
J Alex
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I have been told that my test result (RTPCR ) will be ready between 12.00 and 15.00 next day, but it was ready well before that ( 11.00 )
Vinay Yadav
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Staff and Volunteers are really supportive and humble to operate the patients and customers. Very much happy with the service.

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