PCR Test

PCR Test​

A polymerase chain reaction or PCR test is one of the simplest and most successful tests for Covid-19 testing. It is extremely efficient in detecting the genetic material of the virus’ RNA. The test is performed on a swab of the nose and the mouth. It is best taken within the initial days of contacting the virus. It can detect the virus even before the antibodies are formed in the body. One can get oneself tested if one starts to notice Covid-19 symptoms or suspects having come in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. It can also be done to detect Covid-19 even if it is asymptomatic.
The results of this test can usually be obtained within 48 hours. This test has been found to be 100% sensitive to the virus. PCR test is mandatory if you wish to fly abroad. Upon testing negative, a fit to fly certificate is issued.
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