PCR Test / Fit to Fly Certificate

PCR Test​

A polymerase chain reaction or PCR test is one of the simplest and most successful tests for Covid-19 testing. It is extremely efficient in detecting the genetic material of the virus’ RNA. The test is performed on a swab of the nose and the mouth. It is best taken within the initial days of contacting the virus. It can detect the virus even before the antibodies are formed in the body. One can get oneself tested if one starts to notice Covid-19 symptoms or suspects having come in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. It can also be done to detect Covid-19 even if it is asymptomatic.
The results of this test can usually be obtained within 48 hours. This test has been found to be 100% sensitive to the virus. PCR test is mandatory if you wish to fly abroad. Upon testing negative, a fit to fly certificate is issued.
PCR Test​ London

Fit To Fly Certificate

Need a Fit to fly Covid certificate, 72 hours before your flight?

We can provide it in 48 hours, if you reside in London. Here at ‘The Health Check’ you can schedule your test at our lab, by calling at our toll free 0808 202 7200 or booking it here. You can schedule an appointment for up to four people on same time slot.

This is useful for families who need to visit their relatives in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or International. With a new variant of the virus affecting different countries, your airplane carrier will refuse entry, unless you can furnish a fit to fly certificate and negative Covid-19 test.

Why choose us?

Health check provides quick covid tests for individuals and organizations. Our testing lab is accredited by Care Quality Commission, a regulatory body approved by the UK government. Once you book an appointment, our team of medical professionals will conduct your tests on-site. After that, you can expect your results within 48 hours.

FAQ : Fit To Fly Covid Certification

1) What are Covid-19 Fit to Fly Certifications?
A: These certificates are proof that you’ve tested negative for Covid-19.

2) How are they different from standard Fit to Fly certifications?
A: A standard certification only checks, if you are unsuitable for air travel, due to specific medical conditions.

3) Is the free NHS test valid?
A. This service is only available for citizens, who show the symptoms for the virus. The NHS test usually not valid for the purpose of air travel.

4) For how long is the certificate valid?
A. A test taken within 72 to 96 hours before departure is considered as valid. But the time frame also depends on policies set by the country and the airline. For more information click here.

fit to fly certificate London
Fit to fly certificate is a certificate issued to attest a person’s fitness to fly. Due to the pandemic it has become indispensable to air travel. With the lockdown restrictions easing around the world and air travel resuming, airlines and countries are demanding a fit to fly certificate. In the wake of the pandemic, a fit to fly certificate is issued only if the person tests negative for Covid-19.

We understand Covid testing needs proper planning and caution on the patient’s part and can be demanding. With our expert services and safety measures, we guarantee you the best testing facilities and quick issuance of fit to fly certificate.